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About Baseball In General

A sport that doesn’t require high athletic prowess doesn’t deserve as much attention as other sports, is the opinion of some people. Those people deem baseball as a recreation activity rather than a sport. This type of view brought steroids in this game, and that ruined the fun this game had. This is the main reason for the lack of support for this game, as people got bored from looking oversized steroid users. But this might be a good thing because the standard player will have a chance to come back to a game when steroid-filled individuals leave due to lack of coverage from mass media.




Baseball Equipment


Bat, glove, and the ball are the essential pieces of baseball equipment. The materials for bat are wood and aluminum. You can’t use aluminum bats in professional leagues. In last several years, there is an increase in the use of composite (wood with a metal rod) and bamboo bats. The ball in this game is a cork sphere which has layers of yarn (string) as well as a leather coat over all of that). 

Gloves in baseball are made with leather. It has long fingers and a so-called “pocket” between fingers that makes catching easier. The catcher wears Catcher’s mitt, a special glove for catching quick throws. Other equipment includes the outfit of the players. There are some slight differences between equipment that the first baseman wears, as well as different gloves and helmets of the better. These changes are there to protect the hitter from the ball.

Gloves in baseball

The catcher also has specialized equipment, including the helmet that protects the whole face. The catcher is in the way of the ball and a hit from 100 miles per hour throw could do a lot of damage. The clothes other players carry are simple, basic shirts and sliding shorts that protect the runners when they slide towards the base.

Baseball Equipment
Baseball Equipment

What Have Legendary Players Said About Baseball

Babe Ruth

“The baseball is a highly competitive game where you play against the opposing team as well as against yourself. Playing against a player that never gives up puts the pressure on you as it’s very hard to beat a person like that” Said Babe Ruth, a legendary baseball player.

Earl Weaver

“A baseball game ends when the last batter goes out.  You can’t stop playing when the result goes into your favor. You have to go out there and do your best until the very end of the game. If you fail to do that then you will start losing games you already won” said Earl Weaver.

Why You Should Play Baseball

Gather several friends and get an open baseball bat and one ball, and play this game. You don’t have to have a full complement of players to enjoy and play this game. Playing off the baseball field is fun as well, and anyone that tried it will tell you the same thing. If you hate sweating like a pig and you still want to have fun, then go and play baseball. This is a sport that might require a lot of running at certain stages, but in general, it’s a slow paced game that everyone can play.

Latest Articles

  • Baseball Guide For Beginners

    Basic Baseball Guide For Beginners

    Baseball is an exciting game that everyone should try. A professional match includes the game on both the physical and psychological level, but a game between friends doesn’t require mental aspect. Americans are the people who like this game above others, and their professional league consists of many strong teams filled with professionals. But, not all people understand this sport and those that don’t get it fail to see the beauty of this game. A professional team has a limit on how many players it can have (25), but once a season they are allowed to increase their roster to up to forty players.

  • Positions – Pitcher and Catcher

    Basic Baseball Player Positions And Their Responsibilities

    Baseball belongs to the top sports, and many different countries have their leagues. The advantage of the baseball, over other sports, is its availability. An individual doesn’t have to be an athlete to enjoy and be above average in this sport. Being able to pitch, throw and run short distances are the only requirements that a person has to learn to become a baseball player. Even people who don’t know much about this sport will recognize these two positions. Players in these posts represent the center of the game, and all focus is on them.

  • Baseball

    Different Types Of Pitching In Baseball

    The difference between professional and amateur pitching is huge, and you can’t compare pitchers from professional matches and those from amateur events. People that play on an amateur level have it when they try to advance to the professional level due to a limited number of pitches they use. People from minor leagues and those in schools learn and use only three types of throws, 2-seam fast ball, curve, and change-up. These are the most basic throws, and those that want to advance to the professional level have to expand the number and the type of throws they use.


    Support Roles In The Baseball

    Pitcher, batter, and catcher aren’t the only roles in baseball; other roles have a great impact in the game as well. Those three functions have their impact at the beginning of the play, but basemen and other field players are crucial in the biggest part of the game the defense. Nine players play defense, and they have their roles to fulfill. Each and every one of them has to do their job to prevent the opponent from scoring and even from winning the whole game. One mistake in this sport may turn the tables, so all players have to do their job to achieve victory.

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